If security is too complicated to use, then there is no security.

We research and develop per-document fine grained access control software, with an emphasis on user interface for professional productivity.

Applications include document management, small business and home office storage appliance and cloud storage, messaging, regulatory compliance, EHR, industrial collaboration, etc.

Ideal for reducing internal threats.

Our expertise is available.


Years old images here, but still cutting edge functionality. Newer projects since combine contemporary looks and contemporary logic.

Displays from early versions. There have been many advances since, but essential logic has been exposed here for the first time:

user interface for effective access control settings and access log
drag and drop a user into access control settings

More recent (this is old by now too)work has a simpler appearance:

markup of access dependent contents
user interface for identifying a discontinuous hyperlink
user interface for identifying a discontinuous hyperlink
user interface for defining access dependent contents
user interface for previewing access dependent contents
audience and access dependent contents

Market specific designs can be unexciting yet functional:

near future time chart of people

Arguably, Web UIs have taken over, now HTML5, AngularJS, Ext JS, jQuery, responsive design, flat design, with RESTful APIs, etc..

Phrases coined in Nirvana Research's work in access control include:

  • "If security is too complicated to use, then there is no security."
  • "Imagine every document is your document, and you are responsible for who can read it."

Terms which Leo Baschy has introduced in Nirvana Research's innovative work in access control include:

  • user interface driven access control
  • defined access control settings
  • effective access control settings
  • discontinuous hyperlink
  • access-discontinuous hyperlink
  • access-control-discontinuous hyperlink
  • access dependent contents
  • audience
  • document poker
  • near future time chart of people


  • "A society (country) that prides itself (foolishly or not) in not making tangible goods, just creating soft goods (software, knowhow, blueprints, entertainment, intelligence), cannot continue to exist in a world where all information is shared freely, because what would there be left to charge for? Lack of ownership, lack of trade hasn't been a successful pattern yet: Lacking rewards, people stop working. And looking at where desirable tangible goods are coming from, there is a lot of control in those places."

System design:

We have implemented functional access control technology and have deployed it with businesses for ongoing use in their workflow with essential data.

We work across disciplines from designing user interface (GUI and workflow) to the design and implementation of information processing systems, including application architecture and enterprise architecture.

Most of our work in access control is applicable to

  • documents,
  • messages (to replace email),
  • records (medical and other),
  • recordings,
  • images,
  • cloud,
  • appliances,
  • etc.

We have developed ElasticDraw to support design of secure systems.


Our access control research work has outpaced implementation. Some exciting features we don’t ship for actual use yet.  Some have called it “UI concepts”. If concepts indeed, they are most practicable.

Consumerization of IT? We have made easy to use professional IT since before it has become a buzzword.

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